Should The Registrar Separate NewgTLD Domain List?

We all are aware that our domains are in the hands of our registrar’s. And, after the .xyz domain extension marketing trick which made .xyz as the number 1 New gTLD in the market, domainers fear that many registrants of the .xyz domains may forget to disable the auto-renew feature in the domain management under their account. Which may cause them to renew the domain accidentally.

I think the issue is not just with .xyz it’s now with every other available new gTLD. Some businesses and mostly Domainers have hundreds and thousands of domains in their portfolio. Now with the arrival of new gTLDs it has become somewhat difficult to manage the new ‘G’s along with other existing TLDs.

I think, the registrar should provide an option where we can separate the new gTLD domains from the existing domain names in one shot. This feature if enabled provides better management since new gTLDs are in testing period and it’s not good to let them all renew automatically.

At present we can view domains separately by TLD but I think if someone has 100’s of new gTLDs under different new extensions it will be time consuming for him to review and make changes to those domains. That registrant while in review may make mistake in setting auto-renews properly which in turn may cause him to lose a good domain/s under existing TLDs such as .com, .net. org, etc.

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