Should You Explain The Potential Benefits of Your Domain Name?

As a Domainers we’re in the business of selling names and sometimes an offer comes which puts more demand on us as the prospective customer may like to know how this domain name maybe helpful to his business. Lot depends on the type of domain name about which the customer is inquiring. If the name is self-explanatory and is a premium one or two word domain name then I think it doesn’t require that extra push or teaching.

And If a customer asks for appraisal or some stats on the name, then we may forward them to Estibot site where they may type the domain name and gets the relevant stats. But, it doesn’t work for all the names and most of us has some names that may have a zero appraisal value. And, if a customer needs explanation or some stats on such names then it’s difficult to provide it to him. In such cases, name significance is more important than the stats. A customer should understand that he is buying only Name from the seller. He should work out himself on other stuff such as SEO value, business value and other pertinent parameters relevant to that particular domain name.

I don’t think we as a Domainers can do well the all-rounder job of a SEO, webmaster and so on. We should limit ourselves to what we do better that is finding better names for which businesses are willing to pay whether it scores zero or ten on a SEO analysis card. As we know that there are many names that have been bought and sold to end-users whose meaning and SEO values were almost nil.

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