Spam Messages Stats – High, Medium and Low

As long as email will exist, receiving an unsolicited email is inevitable. It’s rarely worth looking. Business who want to give you a valuable product/service has only one option to reach you and that is through cold calling or email marketing. This post will deal with Spam Messages in order of high, medium and low.

There is a lot of stuff available online related to spam and can-spam marketing techniques. But, this post is meant to look at the number of messages in form of spam one receives during a week. In my observation, I noticed the following:

Day Spam
Monday Medium
Tuesday High
Wednesday High
Thursday High
Friday Medium
Saturday Low
Sunday Low

If you want to catch up with your spam folder, then Saturday’s and Sunday’s is a good time. You don’t have incoming junk emails in these days. As you can see above table, it’s low.  As a result, these are the days which allows you to have a quick review of your junk folder. And, sometimes during the review, you’ll be moving some wanted messages to your inbox folder. I have done it many times. And, whitelisted some email addresses which were marked as spam.

Generally, the unwanted messages which I get is usually related to web hosting. And, it’s very consistent.  Whenever I register or acquire a name – the next day – web development message comes to the inbox.

Well, from the above table it’s clear that Tuesday to Thursday is a day where we will notice a lot of such emails. Also, one thing you should note that Gmail or most of the applications will delete and empty your junk/spam folder for messages older than 30 days. And, in view of it, it’s important that you can keep an eye at least once a week.

If you’re not at all bothered, then there is no need to review the spam folder. Only, you will be reviewing messages that have directly come to the primary inbox. The purpose however of this email is to use the holiday time to clean up the junk.

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