SquadHelp Wholesale Market

Squadhelp offers sellers the option to sell their respective domain names at wholesale prices or seller-to-seller market. Also, you have the option to buy domain names on a wholesale basis. I have bought few domain names under $20 and it’s quite a good way to build your portfolio. Here are some rules

  1. For squad help registered premium domain names – the wholesale price is limited to $50. It means, you may buy an SH registered for $15, and the same you are allowed to flip for $50 max. So, looking for SH registered domain names would be good if you are low on budget. But, pick only quality domains.
  2. Selling your own registered domain name? the wholesale price is limited to 20% of the retail price which is a suggested percent. Typically, brandable domains tend to have 1-3% of liquidation value. If your domain is listed for $1000 you may sell it at wholesale for $15-$20 or even less. So, 20% is well above.
  3. If you want to set higher then a 40% max is allowed on the retail value of your domain name which is not at all suggested. So, sticking for below 20% pricing for wholesale may be a sustainable model.
  4. You can also transfer your premium domain name to other registered squadhelp marketplace investor. For this, the recipient must have at least 1 active listing in the marketplace.
  5. Squadhelp typically charges 2.9% of the selling price to cover payment gateway charges
  6. In order to become an authorized wholesale buyer – you must have at least 10 approved and live listing of domain names.
  7. Source: https://helpdesk.squadhelp.com/en/articles/2881912-seller-to-seller-wholesale-marketplace

Squadhelp offers this option for selling as well as acquiring domain names on wholesale. With increasing competition and demand for liquidity – this option in my opinion is a good one. You don’t have to sell the domains on wholesale thru any different channel or forum. So, a significant amount of time saved in managing the auction, claiming payment, and verifying the buyer.

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