Do You Own Any Suspicious Domain Name?

By Suspicious domain name I mean a domain that you’ve acquired in an auction in which shill bidding may have taken place. Apparently speaking this is not that easy. It’s very difficult to know which domain name you may own is there as a result of shill bidding. Although, many domainers are able to warn other domainers and also publish such names or people involved. But, it’s not that common. So, then how you will know a such a suspicious domain name you own.

One way is to determine have you overpaid for it. If you have overpaid for a domain name that may have cost less in wholesale pricing then it could be due to a shill bidding aspect. Although, it’s subject to further analysis and proofs.

The other way is to put back that name in auction again with no reserves (if you can afford) and see where it ends. If it ends less than what you have paid for it then it could be due to someone’s play. Again this too is not that easy. As you need to place the domain into an auction at the right time and right place.

The other way to know if that domain is a result of shill bidding is to see the number of inquiries on that name. Or is it coming to your portfolio from another domain investor who is not that regular on forums or blogs? But, may own several domains on the other hand. And, is active in Auctions but usually, he is not the winning bidder. But, most of the times remains active in bidding until the last rounds.

These are some of my observations about a domain you own is due to a shill bidding. I may be wrong in my approach or post. But, keeping aside this, it is important to note that we as a domain investors own a lot of domains and it makes sense to review the portfolio to find names that may have such a red flag.

Disclaimer: I am not that active in domain aftermarket because I own domains that are more brandable market types. Still, I think it’s an important issue which needs attention.

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