TDNAM Websites Should Have Domain Expiry Filter

The domain name aftermarket (TDNAM) websites such as Afternic, SEDO, DAN, Etc. should have a column that displays the expiry date of a particular domain name. I think this is a good idea. Domain investors like me often go thru manually their own domain list to figure out expiring domains to make renewal decisions. This data helps someone liquidate their domain names for a low BIN.

Typically, one has to go thru their expiring list of domain names and then reprice those domain names at domain aftermarket places. If I want to reprice my domains that are expiring say for example at Afternic – I have to manually find that domain and reprice my domain name. Now, if I get an option of expiring domains – I can easily sort them out. And, price them instantly by selecting all and repricing it with a new price that can be the same for all.

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