Three Best TLD’s Except .com, .net and .org

What are your three best TLD’s except .com, .net and .org? With so many TLD’s available it’s really not that easy to pick three best TLD’s sans .com, .net, and .org.

For me it’s as follows:

TLD DOT CO (.co) In domain sherpa interviews once Andrew Rosener remarked that if .co was introduced together with .com it would have done really well. Although, it was introduced as a ccTLD – but off late .co is really gaining momentum as the best alternative to .com especially by startups. I don’t own a great portfolio of .co domains except for two or three names such and

TLD DOT IO (.io) It’s a kind of domain extension that has made the startups take a notice. Several Startups starts with a low budget and they really are not that ready to buy the super premium .com domain due to its cost. So, the alternative they found is to get a .io domain name. Which is low in price and offers some good branding opportunities to its users.┬áIn the tech and software development world, I/O means input/output, so.IO is particularly relevant to that audience. And, it’s already 22 years old.

TLD DOT XYZ (.XYZ) XYZ is a type of domain extension which came into existence in the year 2014. And, with full-fledged marketing (Bad or Good) it made its entry into the top successful new generic top-level domains. One thing good about this extension is it’s more memorable due to xyz being the last three letters of the English alphabet. But, commercially speaking xyz has no specific meaning. Still, whatever it may be Google has its page on

And, I like the xyz extension because there are a lot of other things besides a business that needs a webpage and .xyz can be your go-to domain extension for such projects.

So, these are my three top domain extensions .co, .io, and .xyz after .com, .net and .org

You should too have a top three extension. So, that you disregard all other extensions and focus on as few as 5 extensions.

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