Tip to Analyse Unusual Traffic

If you have got a domain name that is consistently getting some good traffic all of a sudden then clearly it’s a sign of surprise.  But, how you’ll know from where such traffic is coming? The answer is Google Analytics.

But, sometimes it’s not clear what is triggering the traffic. We know traffic is coming. But, what is the causes is a different question. I analyzed one of my domain name ‘Diloz’ and I followed these steps:

  1. Check the domain registrar to know if there are some recent registrations containing your domain keywords. I checked and found nothing
  2. Check the Duck.com to see if there are some domains/websites containing your domain keyword.

And, during my second step check. I found Twitter, Facebook and Instagram handle’s using ‘Diloz’ as the term. But, what made me think a bit more was a website that was named as ‘Dealoz’ that topped the results.

Deal is a popular word and used widely in business websites to offer goods on discounts and etc. But, if you name your business website as Dealoz – there is a good chance that customers may skip the ‘ea’ for ‘e’ as in Deloz or ‘i’ as in ‘Diloz’.

So from the above analysis I think, Dealoz is leaking traffic to Deloz and Diloz. In lay language, if you use ‘oz’ as a suffix for a word that contains one syllable such as deal with two vowels coming together. The listener will probably think it as Diloz or Deloz and don’t realize it’s being formed with the word ‘Deal’. Dealoz is two Syllable but one word. But, if you say it as Deal and Oz differently then it’s a two word. And, in the logo is also, you need to differentiate in that way. Which was OK when I visited the website DealOz.com.

Anyway, I am not sure – but, it’s really bizarre but nice to see traffic coming to your domain all of a sudden. And, whatever be the reason – Traffic is Traffic. And, as usual I am not profiting from that Traffic. My domain is for sale which is what most domain names are meant for.

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