Top Longest Domains Dropping Today

Everyday thousands of domains get deleted from the domain databases. Most of these domains are .com names which forms a huge 70-80% of the total domains out in the net-space. The longest domain name length is 63 characters and some people avail this facility to say things they like. In one way it’s good way of expressing something very important in a very short manner. Twitter tweets allows user up to 140 characters per tweet and it has emerged very successful with this unique feature. So, why not use a domain name length feature to express something important?

Well, When it comes to domaining or naming your business the shorter version names are regarded as better. Because it creates less confusion and helps customers remember your name. It’s one of the reason why larger names are considered junk.

But, there are out people who register everyday long names taking full advantage of the domain length to express their point of view in a domain name format and makes it permanent for at least a year. Today while browsing through the pending delete I found these interesting or not so interesting larger names:

how to live like a millionaire when you re a million
bachelor of science in business
american painless laser tattoo removal
the 9 principles of heart centered

I think sometimes the longest domains gives clue of the pain a registrant has when he/she fails to get a short .com name and to heal the frustration – a larger version gets registered just for fun. Also, the longest domains gives a hint of what types of domains are really getting rare and invaluable. From the above list it’s not hard to guess that money; apps, wifi; tattoo; business and repair related good names are not easy to get for a reg fee. This is true especially for the end users who’re not much familiar with naming.

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