Traffic Leakage Vs Email Leakage

Not getting an exact .com domain name creates two problems:

  1. Direct Type-in Traffic Leakage
  2. Email Leakage

For example, you own a domain name and you’ve successfully established your company. And, your marketing and promotional activities are just right. And, in the process, you create an established business with all social and print media endeavors.

But, if you don’t go and buy you’ll continue to face the above two problems or issues as I have described above.

A domainer or a domain owner can configure ‘catch all’ mode on the domain and it helps him to receive all the emails sent to and some could be business emails directly related to (Notice the hyphen) And, at the same time – visitors may just ignore the hyphen and visit the website.

As a result of choosing a domain name that is confusing – the business loses sales and also its business confidential emails and data. I think email leakage is more threatful than losing direct type-in-traffic.

Somebody gaining access to your business emails is like allowing him to represent you. And, if you are not regularly in touch with your suppliers/customers – a reply from a wrong business address representing you can lead to financial frauds.

Simple solution for such a situation is the owners should go and right away get/buy the domain name. And, once it’s ‘in’ the company can forward it to their existing website and can also configure/setup the catch-all email mode on the other domain – so that the emails are not passed to a third party.

You must have been aware of Phishing which is a type of email attack used to steal user data. The sender of the email masquerades as a trusted entity with the sole aim to dupe the victim.

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