Using Spreadsheet to Review Pending Delete Domains

It’s common knowledge for domainers to go through the pending delete domains to find gems that can be acquired for a reg fee or with a simple backorder. I’m going to share a tip that will help you to quickly review such names. Usually, is a good option due to its awesome features and filters.

But, if you just want to use a spreadsheet like Microsoft Excel to review the pending delete domains then this tip maybe worth your reading. You need the text file or CSV of a pending delete domains which is usually available at domain marketplaces. Once you have this list follow these simple steps:

1. Filter out the TLD extensions which you don’t want to look especially the non dot-com ones

2. Sort the data using the length function of Excel =(len) which will give you the number of characters of each domain

3. Use the find command (CTRL+F) to find the domains. For example if you want to see all domains containing the word ‘crypto’ then simply press CTRL+F and then select the find-all option from the menu. It will return you in the find box all domains containing the phrase ‘crypto’ and the sequence will be character length wise which helps in omitting longer names.

If you’re concentrating on fewer keywords and not bothered about other stats then try using this method.

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