Why domainers should blog?

As a domainer you may be busy finding end users, suitable domain names and closing deals but it helps if you take some time to blog about your domain business. Successful domainers are also successful bloggers and there are people you can easily tell who fits into this category.

If you’re not blogging and only concentrating your efforts on domain selling then you may be likely missing the following edge over other fellow domainers who also blog.

The following are the benefits a domainer can expect from blogging over those domainers who doesn’t blog:

1. Online Identity: A domainer who blogs creates a sound online identity and it helps the end users to trust him because they see his/her blog and can connect with him like other blog readers.

2. Sell your domain: Blogging helps the domainer to establish his website and gain some traffic. A domainer who blogs and displays his domains for sale is more likely to sell some of them compare to a domainer who doesn’t blog.

3. Advertising: A domainer who regularly blogs can create another stream of income apart from domain sales via affiliates or by having sponsors ready to advertise on his website.

4. Connectivity: A domainer who blogs regularly finds it easy to connect with other people in the domain industry and this impacts his domain revenue directly or indirectly.

5. Followers: A domainer who becomes successful at blogging receives good social network followers who can be seen as a testimonial to his domain business and blogging website as well as the domainers trustworthiness.

6. Knowledge: Blogging involves some sort of research and whenever you engage in research you learn too. A domainer who blogs is likely to become more smart at making money via domain names than the domainer who doesn’t.

If you’re a domainer who doesn’t blog then it’s a high time that you add blogging to your time.

5 thoughts on “Why domainers should blog?”

  1. That’s right. You know I was planning to start my own domain blog since 2011 but due to getting my own name in .com (domain) I was forced to start a bit late. Some of the reasons to blogging was to have an online identity and to connect with people around the globe. This also increases the knowledge and love to share as well. All those reasons you mentioned are on spot and I agree with it.

    1. @AdbulBasit,
      Thanks for the appreciation as well as acknowledging my views about why a domainer should blog. If you’ve not blogged I would have not found you and vice versa.
      That’s why I reason that all domainers should blog so that we can have a community of domain bloggers.

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