Top Two Letters as Topped by Google

In this article, you will find the top two letters as topped by Google. What I mean by this is that those two letters acronyms or words that when entered into Google gives an exact definition of that keyword. If an exact definition is not given then that two letters will be omitted from this article or post.

Since there are 676 two letters – You will find the top two letters under AA to AZ series first. And, other series will be researched with subsequent articles. Since it’s a time-consuming exercise. So, less is good.

And, you will not find business websites built on those two letters. Also, You will not find two letters that are short for countries and states. So, purely generic full forms of two letters will be chosen and else will be excluded.

AC – Air Conditioning – Very popular acronym. And, it’s used very widely.
AD – Short for Advertisement. A lot of people prefer ad over its full form
AG – Short for agriculture. A lot of Agricultural entities use this as a short for agriculture
AI – Artificial Intelligence – If you type AI in any search engine you’ll get artificial intelligence
AK – Short for Avtomat Kalashnikova. I think its short form is more mainstream than how it’s spelled out.

AM – Means ante meridiem – we regularly use it every day
AR – Means Augmented Reality – Though there are other contenders like accelerated reader.
AV – In computer terminology – it means Audio/Visual. And, is quite known acronym.
AZ – Meaning A to Z. Used to denote something that covers everything from A to Z.

Well, these are the nine items I’ve found as a two-letter acronym that are popular as a short form for generic words that are spelled or expanded as given above in examples.

Some of the two letters above are used by businesses two but with an original name as a prefix or suffix. Something from above list forming businesses are AI, AR, AV, AG, Etc. that are good choices for a domain name.

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