sold for US$ 3000

It’s quite ironic to note a sale of a Trademark consisting domain name as reported in Domain Sales – Mon. April 21 2014 – Sun. April 27, 2014 of

I was amazed to see why someone would like to own something that has a very clear potential trademark issue. Trademarks exist worldwide for innumerable names and there is a possibility that some of the names Domainers hold maybe subject to some trademark violation if brought to notice. But I’m sure no Domainer would like to own clearly infringing trademark violation domain names like the example here of a

I made a quick search to note if Google a registered trademark and of course it’s and here is a note and a link with ample names which Google has a stake in:

© 2014 Google Inc. All rights reserved. Google and the Google Logo are registered trademarks of Google Inc.

It starts with and goes upto Youtube and followed by some IDN names.

Also, a point here, why aftermarkets report publicly such names? Also, it’s quite understandable that Google will not buy its own names.

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  1. Indeed! I recently noted too many sales for an Indian E-commerce portal Flipkart. I just not able to digest that too. Sometimes, in domaining it’s hard to accept facts that trademark domains too sells for profit. I’ll call it as a seductive risk.

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