Flipkart domain name sales

Being an Indian I’m well aware of Flipkart.com which is an online shopping eCommerce site in India. It’s founded in year 2007 by name of Flipkart

I’ve noted in DNJournal report a sale of domain name Flipkart.de for $5000 and I was surprised and had to question myself why Flipkart of India has not asserted its intellectual rights over this name. Anyway, I just ignored it because I was not having the answer to this question.

Well, here is a another surprising news. Sedo’s market activity report, is listing in its sales column the following more Flipkart domains which have been sold.

Flipkart.pl 3500Euro
Flipkart.nl 3500Euro
Flipkart.cn 5000Euro

When I tried to check this domain name directly from the URL bar the following results came:

Flipkart.de – at present takes you to SEDO.com
Flipkart.nl – at present parked with Europe registry
Flipkart.pl – at present parked with Europe registry
Flipkart.cn – at present list the domain for sale

If Flipkart of India has not bought these domains then it will be interesting to note who has bought these names.

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