radenvandiscipline.nl Domain Transferred to Complainant

If you have subscribed to wipo newsletter – you will receive updates about the domain name decisions. In today’s newsletter, the top domain was radenvandiscipline.nl which is a Netherland TLD. The decision was made to transfer the domain to the complainant.

There is one thing special about the domain name is that the .com version is still available. I checked it and found it to be available. Dot com domain names are often subject of UDRP. But, there are so many domains under various top level extensions that are too subject to UDRP.

Some businesses prefer to use their own country allotted extension. Like in the case of above. And, are not bothered with dot com availability or non-availability.

And, winning an UDRP for a country level domain extension becomes more easier as the complainant can assert the trademark claims in a more assertive manner because the respondent/domain registrar is also located in the same jurisdiction.

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