Bitcoin From 300,120 To 3,377,580 Average Monthly Searches

Widespread media coverage made bitcoin and cryptocurrency a common name. Tons of articles, blogs, videos, and discussions made Bitcoin popular. And helped drive its value to the current $15000+ mark. Yes, one bitcoin is now equaled to $15476 as of this writing. Many considered it as a bubble about to burst and warn. And, there are people who see it as a good investment option due to its scarcity.

A long time ago I wrote an article here about the domain valuation of Bitcoin and I revisited the same to see the tremendous amount of change this currency went through.

Here are the stats then (Oct 2014) and now:

Average monthly searches from 300,120 to 3,377,580
Cost per click From $1.18 to $1.19
1 BTC to USD from $350 to its current of USD15000+

There are in total 21 million bitcoins. An article published in March 2014 puts total bitcoin mined at 12,446,725 and an answer from Quora puts it at  16,654,762 BTC as of Oct 2017. But, this stats is something changing every second.

Average monthly searches have increased about 10 times and the price of One BTC to USD has increased nearly 42 times more compared to the original price. And, this will continue to surge. During the last 8 days of this month – 1 BTC to USD has moved from 9800 to 17000 and dipped to 15000. And, it will be interesting to note how much 1 BTC to USD will be by Jan 2018?

Will the monthly searches decrease or stays consistent? Absolutely No. And, if Financial Analyst to be believed the price of 1 BTC may touch USD 100,000 in 10 years of time. It means you’ll be making solid returns even if you start investing in it now.

It’s amazing how cryptocurrencies are revolutionizing globally the economics of nations. And, have became top topics for regulators and institutions to put restraints and regulations on cryptocurrencies. In fact, some countries have banned it like Bangladesh, Nepal, Bolivia, Etc. But, with more and more acceptance and enhanced security, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are here to stay.

Disclaimer: Investing in Cryptocurrencies is not risk-free. Exercise your due diligence. And, currently, I don’t own any single bitcoin or cryptocurrency.

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