How Will You Pronounce ZMZM

Recently I came across a website At first I read it as z m z m but after seeing its logo I understood how it’s pronounced.


Actually, zmzm stands for zamzam – the water one drinks during pilgrimage to Mecca.

From the domain point of view. In Arabic  zamzam letters are Z M Z M so if one want to write the same in English. One can skip the vowels and can write it as zmzm which is how exactly the domain in question is conceived.

I have came across several such advertisements/signboards where vowels were skipped and the original letters from the other language were transliterated as it is. For example the name Salman  and when transliterated it is as Slman. the roots are S, L M A N.

One thing to remember is that Arabic is the third most spoken language in the world and it makes sense to see the four letter and even other domains in that angle too. Apart from the Chinese Pinyin meanings.

When it comes to domains especially four letter which are not pronounceable because you see no vowels maybe are pronounceable when transliterated appropriately to an another language. It could be the CVCV when pronounced like the zmzm example.

Internet is still growing and there are lots of businesses around the world not yet online and as their presence increases online so that the demand for better names will. Now it is safe to say that the Domaining industry or business of domain names is not just limited to English speaking countries. We have seen how Chinese have changed the domain game and it’s possible that other countries may too follow the suit.

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