Is Domain Sale An Indicator of a Trend?

It was on 2014-08-13 that domain name was sold. DomainGuardians tweeted “We are very excited to announce the sale of to @GAWMiners for US$1,000,000. Surprisingly at that time shows the bitcoin valuation against USD at less than $1000. Today BTC which is short for Bitcoin is trading at $6126. That is quite a huge jump in few years of time.

Most of the domain bloggers covered the above news such as:

Domain Guardians Announces Sale of for $1 Million

Domain Guardians Sells to “GAW Miners” For $1,000,000

Wow: domain name sells for $1.0 million to Bitcoin company

Today cryptocurrencies are among the top ten emerging technologies and it has caused a great disrupt in how the financial system operates. Countries are yet to come up with policies and system to enable it.

From domaining perspective, the crypto and coin market has taken an upward swing and those who have taken the clue from the beginning of this technology and bought crypto domain names in advance are in drivers seat. Well that being said. I think domain name sales such as in year 2014 was quite an indicator of the emerging cryptocurrency trend which some ignored and some embraced and took an advantage by buying domains as well as bitcoins.

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