Pandemic Changed The Domain Dynamics

Darpan Munjal founder of SquadHelp is doing a great favor to domain name investors who specialize or have a portfolio in brandable marketplaces like SquadHelp, Brandpa, BrandBucket, etc. Though each marketplace is different in terms of the customer they served. And, it’s the reason why a domain name may get accepted at Brandbucket but may get rejected at Squadhelp. (Happened with me) and vice versa.

Well, coming to the above graph which is self-explanatory – the blue graph shows the keywords/root words which were popular at Squadhelp before COVID and the red one shows keywords that become popular after COVID.


I compared the keywords before and after COVID and except ‘UP’ keyword which appears on the before and after the COVID list. All others are new. Major focused was on keywords that were Health-related like Clean, Grow, Fit, Cure, Nutrition, Care, Home, Pure. These stats show there are a lot of new entrants or players in the Health-Sector due to COVID – Pandemic phase. Had not been for COVID – these keywords would’ve not even made it to the top ten. As it is evident from the before COVID top ten list. But, it’s interesting to see why the root word ‘Health’ not got the top ten position in after the COVID phase. Though health-related words made it. health itself not got those search numbers. why? don’t know.

I did a little research about all the above root/keywords at Namebio for the past three months which were available as options and the results were as follows: I picked only the top 3 domain names.

Care has become a very strong keyword. As it was having the highest amount of dollar volume at $185k with 136 sales just reported at Namebio over the past three months. I think, this trend will continue for a good period of time. And, domain names consisting of keywords such as Care, Nutrition, Cure, Health, Fit, Clean, Grow may continue to surge in value and may command great prices.

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