Premium Crypto Domains For Sale Prices

Cryptocurrency is on the rise. And, it’s growing exponentially. Its market capitalization has already crossed the $200 billion mark and is expected to grow more. Regular media coverage about the cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins is helping this technology/industry to grow at a breathtaking speed. Investors have found a new venue for their investments. And, with an increasing price of BTC and other coins to USD made it a favorable investment option. Although, like any other investment – investing in coins is not at all riskfree.

Making money through coins is risky, but, there are some domain investors who’ve listed some of the premium crypto domain names for sales at these current prices which may change.

1. – $10,000,000 reserve
2. – $750,000 minimum
3. – $45,995
4. – $75,000
5. – $228,800
6. – $194,888
7. Coin.Shop – $100,000
8. – $350,000

Some popular cyrptocurrencies brands include – Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Ether, IOTA, LiteCoin, DigitalCash, ZCash, etc. It’s now a popular practice in branding to avoid too descriptive term as the brand.

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