What is ‘The Internet of Things?’

When I first heard the term ‘The Internet of Things’ I not gave it much thought but back in my mind the term was active and was seeking some explanation. And, today before checking the actual meaning on the internet I thought it may mean connectivity of things. We are already aware of the term ‘The internet of computers’ or ‘The internet of people.’ And, The internet of things is just very similar.
Now, connectivity will not be limited to people and computers but it has expanded to appliances and other wearable stuff. That is why we are calling it as ‘The internet of Things’ and as per trends this is going to be the ‘Next Big Thing.’ But, experts opine that it may take a decade from here for this technology to go fully operational and become mainstream.

Lets see its formal definition:
The term Internet of Things was proposed by Kevin Ashton in 1999. It means ‘a proposed development of the Internet in which everyday objects have network connectivity, allowing them to send and receive data.†

Well, from domaining point of view I was curious to see if this term was reserved or not and to my astonishment it’s reserved in lots of right of the dot extensions. See the results I made at NameCheap.com


Both ‘The internet of things’ and ‘Internet of things’ are heavily reserved in most of the extensions. The Valuate.com gives ‘Internet of Things’ an appraisal value of USD 1500 with 2337 searches. Most of the domains taken under this phrase are looking for offers or are parked.

Although the term was coined in 1999 but it took 4 years for somebody to register this name under dot com and its present status shows.

Domain registered 2 April 2003
Domain expires 2 April 2023

From business monetisation point of view I don’t think the term is suitable to sell and buy ‘Internet of things’ but as an information portal it may serve its purpose very well.

The Internet of Things

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  1. Also you must be aware of IOT.com (Internet of things) sold for $2.8 Million which is huge amount for LLL.com but surely it will be paid off well for the new owner very soon.

    1. Oh, I don’t know that. Thanks for sharing! It seems internet of things is going to be next big thing in our lives.

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