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If you have not read my earlier post on to domain name status. Then, please follow this link. Well, in this post I am presenting the report of to domain name status. Most of the LL domains are considered valuable because of its large appeal to many companies and organizations. So, knowing which one is available for sale and how the others are using the .org domain for business will be an important lesson to know. So, here is the analysis:

I have found 13 websites using two letter dot org and are active in the this list of ba to bz dot org domains. And, rest are either parked or are unresolved. It’s great to see how faith based and community based services organizations using the dot org domain name in this series. Community and Faith both are a part of our everyday lives. And, an appropriate domain serves its needs well. Dot org being the oldest top level domain has really a great future ahead. Because as time flies more and more community and faith based organizations may want to possess a premium two letter dot org domain name. OK. here is the list of 26 dot org domains starting with ba and ending with bz. forwards to Bethesda Ministries. It states “At Bethesda Ministries, we operate under the core belief that business and service go hand in hand. Since our founding in 1959, we have offered life-honoring, faith-based care to seniors and reinvested our revenue to further God’s work around the world.” I can relate B for Bethesda but what for A is not known. is parked and well may be soliciting commercial inquiries. Access is denied. Active website, BD may mean here Buddhist. It states “Our Church organization is a religious and charitable institution, dedicated to the research, study, expansion, deepening, clarification, and teaching of Buddhist, Spiritual, moral, psychological, scientific, and religious principles that tend to Uplift humanity, and to the financial and practical support of other organizations, groups, and individuals whose values and activities reflect those ideals.” Is showing up an unresolved page. BF here stands for Bible Foundation. It states “Bible Foundation is a multifaceted Scripture distribution ministry, networking with individuals and organizations around the world, to equip believers to minister and feed hungry souls. Using extremely cost-effective and innovative methods, Bible Foundation provides effectual ways to distribute the Holy Scriptures and help people look at the Lord through His word.” Stands for Bethel Grove. It states “At Bethel Grove, we realize that it is not easy to walk in the door and feel connected. In fact, it is easy to attend church on Sunday mornings, week after week, without truly entering into the life of the church and experiencing the blessings of the body of Christ. We desire to help you.” This stands for Bill Heiser and is an active website. It offers users Photographic Prints and Mounted Prints. Bring the beauty of nature into your home with one of my prints. They also make great gifts! Generally, it takes you to for this info. Great to see how a new Gtld is used here. Bi for biosexuality. It states “ is a project of the Bi Foundation, also known as The American Institute of Bisexuality (AIB), a 501(c)(3) private foundation that supports and sponsors projects likely to promote bi visibility and improved understanding bisexuality through education, research, training, and outreach”. It stands for B’nai Jeshurun. It states “B’nai Jeshurun is a nearly 200-year-old non-affiliated synagogue located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. We welcome all, no matter the path traveled.” This stands for Bishop Kelly. It states “Bishop Kelly High School is a private Catholic high school founded in 1964 in Boise, Idaho. BK educates students in the Catholic tradition, focusing on the development of the whole person – spirit, mind and body.” It stands for Blorg. It states “The name of the domain came from the people that I talk with on IRC, often, one of us would use the term blorg as a term of frustration. While in the above mentioned meeting, it just popped into my head. I had a hard time sitting through the meeting after that, I wanted to get to a terminal so I could lookup the domain and register it if it was available. I thought it was pretty cool, not only did I get to register a domain, it was a coveted two-letter domain!” It is a parked domain. And, The domain is for sale. This domain is available for sale This domain may be for sale by its owner This domain may be for sale by its owner This domain may be for sale by its owner Stands for a black rose. It states “Black Rose is a not-for-profit organization which provides a forum for the many different expressions of power in love and play. This can include dominance & submission, bondage & discipline, sadism & masochism, fetishism, cross-dressing, to name a few.” Shows an unresponsive page Shows an unresponsive page Cannot connect. Timeout Error This stands for Brethren Village. It states “Brethren Village Retirement Community is a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) that provides care for residents 62 years of age and older. As a nonprofit corporation, the Village provides care, services and amenities in three areas of living, including independent residential living, personal care and skilled nursing. The Village occupies 153 acres of land in Manheim Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.” Stands for Bill Weinman. It states “Bill Weinman has been writing books, articles, and online courses on technology, programming, and the Internet since the 1970s. He has a reputation for his ability to explain complex technical topics in clear, concise terms. As a prominent consultant from the ’70s through the ’90s, Bill’s clients have included NASA, IBM, MGM, BankAmerica, Bank of New Zealand, Hoare-Govette, the State of California, and KWHY-TV.” Meaning Builders Exchange. It states “The need for communication and information among construction specialties motivated 17 men in the industry to form The Builders’ and Traders’ Exchange in 1892. Today, the Builders Exchange of Central Ohio has nearly 700 member firms, representing the entire spectrum of the industry.” This domain name may be for sale by its owner This domain name may be for sale by its owner

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