4-Letter .com Sales as Reported By Dnjournal

This week’s DNjournal.com report was special. Ron Jackson intelligently started it with an eye-catching headline which reads as ‘The Flood Gates Open:Release of 2Q-2014 Sales at DomainNameSales.com Inundates the Chart With High End Sales.’

Of all the sales what interest me most was the 4 letter .com domain sales. I find the sales values of these domains is worth re-looking. If you’ve a pronounceable 4 letter .com domain sales these sales as reported should give you some idea of its current worth. In order to ease this process I compiled the list of all 4 letter .com sales and divided them into pronounceable and non-pronounceable list.

The Pronounceable LLLL.com sales:

Aura.com $175,000
Mewe.com $55,800
Asou.com $52,500
zyme.com $43,000
jiko.com $35,000
nona.com $30,000
humm.com $28,000
hace.com $25,000
biye.com $20,000
exex.com $20,000
zyou.com $20,000
abiu.com $17,789
ipaw.com $15,000
yatm.com $13,000
siec.com $12,500
rrun.com $12,000

The average selling price for the above was US$24974 and also note the highest and the lowest sales.

Non-Pronounceable LLLL.coms

MITV.com $75,000
FUTR.com $58,800
usdg.com $35,000
shlx.com $22,000
fcti.com $15,000
towr.com $13,500
elnk.com $12,000
rbde.com $10,000

Interestingly it’s at US$30100 the average sales for the above LLLL.com’s which are not strictly pronounceable. But, the average is getting heavy due to MITV and Futr sales the former being a TV domain and the latter I could not derive much meaning out of it except the word future. And, the other LLLL too commanded very good prices. The lowest sales standing at $10,000

Most of us owns LLLL.com domain names, I own few. And, the above sales as reflected is a good indicator to price our domains accordingly or adjust the market values which we’ve assigned already.

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