Why Dot Com Domain Name is the King of all TLDs?

Why .Com Domain Name is the King of all TLDs?

1 As of 2013, DomainTools.Com reported that approximately 109 million .com domains were registered.

2 As per VeriSign 97% of the top 100 brands have a registered.com domain

3 75% of globally registered domains (TLDs) are .com

4 93% of the Fortune Global 100 use .coms

5 The introduction of biz in 2001, which is restricted to businesses, has had no impact on the popularity of .com

6 The symbolics.com domain was originally registered on 15 March 1985, making it the first .com-domain in the world

7 More number of dot coms are bought and sold via auction and end user sales each weak than any other tld or cctld

8 Domainers and companies has the opinion that search engine prefer dot com website over any other non dot com

9 There are more number of dot com trademark cases and issues for which the complainant and the respondent have gone to court

10 Many Domainer and website masters says that dot com is the king when it comes to internet

11 Dot com receives more type-in-traffic than any other domain domain name suffix

12 Quite good number of domainers became rich and famous by trading early on domain names consisting of dot com’s portfolio’s

13 Domainer Celebreties such as Rick Schwartz, Adam Dicker, Frank Schilling, Elliot Silver, Ron Jackson and many other owe their successes to the dot com opportunity

14 Most good dot coms are already taken and what is left is not the best a registrant can have

15 On all domain name registrants websites such as Godaddy, Namecheap, and Name dot coms you’ll see the first extension as to register a domain name as dot com

16 There is more number of cases where hijackers tried their brains to grab precious domain name containing the dot com extensions and some hijackers were jailed too

17 dot-com companies experienced meteoric rises in their stock prices during the dot com bubble roughly from year 1997-2000

18 Big Acquisitions by Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and other Tech giants were targeted mostly towards dot com sites such as Youtube.Com, Hotmail.Com, Geocities.com

19 There is no registration restrictions, means, anybody, whether he/she owns a business or not is eligible to have a dot com of his/her choice provided it is not already taken

20 Dot com introduced by Verisign Inc in the year 1985 and today it’s 28 years old

21 Dot com disputes policies are controlled by Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy (UDRP)

22 Initially the fee was US$50 for registering a dot com domain name but now it’s almost 10 US Dollars

23 The dot com pace usually picked up from the year 1996 onward by that token you may see it as just 17 years old

24 Most of the companies own one or many dot coms and country code top level domain too such .us, .co.uk, .in, etc

25 By 1992, fewer than 15,000 .com domains were registered 20 years now the amount of dot com is just mind blowing

26 As of July 2012 the .com TLD has more registrations worldwide than all of the others combined

27 Domain names especially ending with dot com are regarded as online real-estate assets. Domain name like sex.com fetched 13 million USD followed by Fund.Com at US$9.9

28 The dot net domain name extension is usually regarded as the next best alternative to dot com domain name in the instance of non-availability of a dot com domain

29 According to SEDO’s figures the average dot com for quarter 4 of year 2012 sold for a sum of 1,914 USD

30 Many brands such as Google, Yahoo and others give credit to the dot com revolutions. It’s dot com that made Google number 1 brand worldwide

31 In the US the a .com domain name is very important and it’s wildly and widely chosen above any other extension

32 In some cases not having a dot com for your business means you not have the money to get one from the secondary market or you underestimated the dot com power

33 Under top 10 Alexa worldwide websites ranking – all are dot com oriented websites starting with Google

34 Facebook.com bought the short abbreviated version FB.Com by paying 8.5 US$ – type FB.Com and you’re there at facebook

35 Most of the Internet users add dot com (.com) when they type in at address bar to search something. Dot com as a domain name extension is naturally thought of.

36 Generic domain names having a dot com extension with good search volume commands a high price in domain aftermarket

37 Diapers is accessed world wide through direct navigation than through the search results and its extension is dot com and is number one when it comes to type-in-traffic

38 The chance of dot net or any other TLD being registered with a name that doesn’t have a dot com extension associated with it occurs in rarest of rare cases

39 Most of the companies registers many typos of their dot com version to tap into that typo user. Example type gogle at address bar and you are at Google.com; type del.com and you at Dell

40 Taking the world population into count there are approximately 1.5% of dot coms are being registered. The market will just keep on rising for dot com.

41 It’s quite hard to find a suitable domain name available in a dot com version for your company in English language but it does not mean end of the road.

42 The best way to find a suitable dot com for your company or for your own self is to find it at aftermarket places like Sedo.com, Godaddy.com, Snapnames.com, etc.

43 dot com basically stands for .commercial and commercial means “concerned with or engaged in commerce and commerce stands for buying and selling in large quantities

44 The first choice of Domainers who sell domains is dot com and all other comes next

45 When people think about the web they automatically and subconsciously think about dot com that’s why Interent in an early stage called as dot com bubble

46 Even the address bar loves dot com, just type www.mylife or any domain name of your choice and watch – you’ll be taken to a dot com website automatically if you leave the suffix open

47 There can be trademarks registered across many industries for a particular term like ‘DELTA’ but only one can take the dot com version. Here delta.com takes you to Delta Airlines

The above list I compiled using Wikipedia, and many other domain related sites plus the addition of my own understanding.

2 thoughts on “Why Dot Com Domain Name is the King of all TLDs?”

  1. Dot Com’s are the way to go . Google ranks them higher and they are recognized by the consumer.
    Dot Com’s are global and the large corporations have bought them up (and as such Google has to rank them higher). It is an unfortunate truth. I have many dot coms along with other domains of different extensions. My Dot Com’s are generally on the first page of Google depending on competition and how much SEO effort I put in. You cannot beat a dot Com as they have a Google algorithm advantage globally, if anyone tells you different, they are lying or misinformed.

    Thant being said ….some of the other domain extensions (even CCTLD’s) can locally be significant. Even a ccTLD that is outside of it’s “CC” country. http://www.Dine.TO is used for Toronto dining and does very well. Type in Dine Toronto and it should come up especially if you are in Ontario. http://www.Jobs.to is also being used for an employment website for Toronto and the greater GTA (I own this one). Try “Post jobs for free in Toronto” . With weaker non-dot.com’s locate your server in the area you want to serve. Focus on a less competitive tighter market area and associate keywords. Get links coming in from local webpages. If you are planning something on the large scale get a a dot com with keywords embedded. “EMD” Exact match domains are the way to go for good Google ranking and performance. But like I said before….on the global scale…..the dot.com will always win but you can do some local damage with the CCTLD’s.


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