About the New gTLD .academy

The New gTLD .academy is one among the 1000+ new top level domains that will hit the internet screen very soon.

According to AcademyDomainNames.com “.academy is a new Top Level Domain dedicated to academies of all types. The .Academy domain extension will allow websites with an academy theme to enjoy a distinctive, more relevant address on the world wide web.”

Following are trivial information about the New gTLD .academy:

1. Half Oaks LLC, one of the companies created by Donuts is a .academy applicant.

2. The Registry announced that the sunrise period for this string is to be announced.

3. An academy is an institution of higher learning, research, or honorary membership.

4. A .Academy TLD is best suited for institutions engaged in imparting a specialized education such as ‘Sales.Academy’ for sales training, ‘English.Academy’ for English learning and so on.

5. The dot Academy GTLD may very well serve the education and training industry world wide

6. Domaintools.com returns around 69070 domains ending with .academy string. Owners of such domains may opt in for the .academy domain as an additional or the primary domain for their already existing websites.

7. The domain Dotacademy.com presently takes you to a Godaddy parked page.

8. The main target for .academy TLD are Educational institutions, Teachers, Professors and Students

9. It maybe available for as a generic TLD for all the internet users and may not be restricted like the .edu TLD.

10. If you’ve ‘academy’ as an ending word in your org, com, net, or any other TLD you may consider having a direct address under .Academy new gTLD.

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