Are You Looking for 2 Letter .com Domain Acronyms?

Recently I posted a complete list of 2 letter .com domain name acronyms at my other website

The list includes 2 letter domain name and its related acronym if any available. I’ve separated the list into four categories:

Active Site: Where a site is built using the 2 letter .com domain name acronym

Parked: Where a site is parked with ads; or it’s offered for sale; or it’s coming soon

Not Found: I listed here the .com 2 letter domain names to include all those domains which were blocked or if the page was not resolving at all.

Forwards: Where a domain forwards to other website. For example forwards to but it doesn’t mean that Facebook may sell By the way I found many domains forwards to

It’s a very informational post and I shared the link here so that visitors to this site maybe able to access that information. Further, you can sort that acronym information as you like as it’s provided in the form of a Table.

So, Plz visit.

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