Asking Twitterati’s Advice Yields Quick Answers

Of all the social media platforms – I like Twitter the most. In fact, Twitter is the only social media platform I regularly use. There is much written about Twitter and how it’s good for marketing your content. So, let’s head straight to the main point. Yesterday I posted a question on my Twitter handle @TLDJournal and it is below.

I waited for Twitterati’s advice and Within no time I started receiving answers for my questions. And, it was great to note the replies which were quite informative and sensible. Domain investing is naming-game. And, one needs to be well-versed with how names can become brands or a company name. Most of the replies suggested to me that I drop the above domain names except HowtoBuild(.org) domain name. Which I too felt is a good one but seeing no inquiries I thought of rechecking with someone through Twitter. The other domain name which may or may not be worth keeping was ‘Sufya’ which happens to be the first name mostly among Asian communities. But, it ranks too low when it comes to ranking baby-names.

CateringMedia and Brypto not resonated well with Twitteratis. When it comes to Brypto it’s a twist on Crypto – and there are other forms like Grypto, Vrypto , etc. are for sale. But, I think it’s better to drop these two domain names first. And, to rethink on HowtoBuild and Sufya.

Well, I would like to thank all those who replied and liked my question-based tweet. For privacy reasons, I am not sharing the names here. But, it’s available under my tweet. I don’t think that everyone is a master when it comes to domain names and investing. Many domain investors every year drop domain names. And, it’s no wonder that most of the dropped domain names are picked up by other investors or companies if they think it’s a good fit.

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