Avoid using a two-word incomplete domain name

Avoid using a domain name that is a two-word oriented. One word is in full form and another word is in short form.

Examples are here which I did not check the URLs.

  • MktgIdeas .com – Marketing is made as Mktg
  • FinIdeas – Fin is for Finance
  • WinTac – Tac short for Tactics
  • Goodco – Co short for company

The main problem with such domains is confusion. Customers may associate MarketingIdeas .com or .whatever with the person who is doing business with MktgIdeas .com or .whatever.

Such domain names also – invites fraudulent activities from other companies who take advantage by way of registering the full word domains. They show themselves as a valid company and charge the customer’s credit card.

One such example of such a scenario I found out here: wIthout mentioning the company name. I am sharing the link. https://www.stealthtac.com/contact/

It says: ” Have you received a charge on your credit card from a company named Stealth <Name>? This is a fraudulent company selling flashlights that goes by a similar name to us. Please note, we are a safe manufacturer and do not sell to the end-user or process any credit cards.
We encourage you to contact your credit card company and dispute the charges immediately if you received a charge from this fraudulent company. We have no involvement with them and their website www.stealth<name>.com is now “under maintenance”.

Some other fraud-related activities reported by companies


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