Backorder a Domain Name if it’s Already Taken

Everyday many businesses and individuals search for a domain name predominantly under .com in order to start their online activity via a domain name and most often they get frustrated when they realized that their preferred name is taken.

A research indicates that a person register a domain name on its 10th attempt. That means his preferred choices starting from 1 to 9 gets him a message of already taken. But, most of the individuals don’t understand that there exist a aftermarket for such domain names and the preferred name can be bought for some x amount of dollars.

An interesting point here is for a business owner or an individual is to backorder their preferred domain name and once it’s dropped they can get it cheaply. It works for some domain names. What happens is that every-year many domainers or companies drop certain domain names due to no-offers on them or the idea for which they’ve been registered is no more attractive to them.

If you want a domain name and can’t afford to pay a high price to a domainer then the backorder trick can work for you provided the domain is dropped. I’ve seen certain domain names where a .com is not registered and some other extensions especially the ccTLDs were registered.

Recently I came across such a name and due to privacy issue I’m not mentioning that domain name here. I think everybody tries to get a .com first and then the ccTLD and other choices of domain names. As most of the .com’s are registered and very few with weird combinations are available to register the registrant tries to get the right domain through a ccTLD route and runs his business. Meanwhile the preferred domain name under .com may then be accidentally dropped by the domainer and it goes to the new-registration pool if it’s not picked by others. If a company places a backorder earlier on such names in which they have interest they can then be able to grab the name of their choice without having to negotiate a price with the domainer.

This tactic is not desirable but if you’re reluctant to buy from aftermarket you can take a chance through backordering a domain name.

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