Case No. 1687597 – UDRP –

Often UDRP cases are related to two parties: A respodent and a complainant. But, what happens if the respondent are two corporations fighting together for one domain? This is the case No. 1687597 – The domain in question is

It caught my attention. On 20th September 2016, the domain was transferred to the right owner. But, who will be the owner of a Domain like where two big corporations are involved Goolge and Nike?

The Decision paragraph of this case goes as follows:
Having established all three elements required under the ICANN Policy, the Panel concludes that relief shall be GRANTED. In that regard, the Panel notes that Complainant Nike Inc. has, with the consent of Complainant Google Inc., requested that the disputed domain name be transferred to Complainant Nike Inc.

Accordingly, it is Ordered that the domain name be TRANSFERRED from Respondent to Complainant Nike Inc.

Full case history is available at:

Most of the Trademark violations when it comes to domains are related to one corporation. But, reading this case makes me think how someone can take a double threat?

But, one more interesting fact I found that this UDRP was filed earlier by NIKE Inc -Case No 1679233 and it was denied.

When Google and Nike together filed the URDP – They were able to claim this name.

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