Common Domaining Abbreviations

If you’re a Domainer you may be well aware of the following short forms and their associated titles. Still, I think it maybe a good read. But, those who’re new to Domaining may find this a bit useful especially when they read blogs and forum postings. I’ve compiled a list of some Domaining abbreviations commonly used and understood by Domainers and domain industry professionals.

The list is given below, some names may mean the actual .com site.

1. GD – Godaddy
2. DNS – Domain Name Sales
3. DN – Domain Name
4. TLD – Top Level Domain
5. GTLD – Generic Top Level Domain
6. ccTLD – Country Code Top Level Domain
7. IO – Input/Output
8. NJ – NameJet
9. NP – NamePros
10. SEDO – Search Engine for Domain Optimization
11. New G’s – New gTLDs
12. DNJ – Domain Name Journal
13. NetSol – Network Solutions
14. EAP – Early Access Program
15. GA – General Availability
16. SR – Sunrise Period
17. LR – Landrush Period
18. TM – Trademarks
19. UDRP – Universal Domain Resolution Dispute
20. URS – Uniform Rapid Suspension
21. Icann – The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
22. DNF – Domain Name Forum
23. DNW – Domain Name Wire
24. DG – Domain Gang
25. DI – Domain Investing
26. CVCV – Consonant-vowel-Consonant-vowel
27. LLL – Three Letter Domains
28. LLLL – Four Letter Domains
29. NNNN – Four number domains
30. NNNNN – Five number domains
31. NNN – Three number domains
32. WIPO – World Intellectual Property Organization.
33. CCC – Three character domains

I still think there are many more acronyms we use in domaining which I maybe missing. Appreciate if you could add some more in comments.

4 thoughts on “Common Domaining Abbreviations”


    Nice share!
    If DG is Domain Gang than AB is AbdulBasit ;)

    Here are some more:

    DNS – Domain Name Server
    DNS – Domain Name System
    EDU – Educational Institutions
    EMD – Exact Match Domain
    EMDs – Exact Match Domains
    IDN – Internet Domain Name(s)
    RPGM – Role Playing Game Manager
    RRDRP – Registry Restrictions Dispute Resolution Procedure
    TDNAM – The Domain Name Aftermarket
    TMCH – Trademark Clearinghouse
    URL – Uniform Resource Locator

  2. Actually, DG I picked from its logo & similarly, DI. Name initials are popular and you can use AB if required. Thanks for adding some more to the list. Not heard about RPGM in Domaining. Also, I think. The following next to the dot can be added:

    .biz- business
    .cat- Catalan
    .com- commercial
    .coop- cooperatives
    .edu- educational
    .gov- governmental
    .info- information
    .int- international organizations
    .mil- Military
    .mobi- mobile
    .net- network
    .org- organization
    .pro- professions
    .tel- telecommunications
    & ccTLD list containing two letter as short for country codes.


    I think you are right about RPGM and let’s change it with RGP – Redemption Grace Period.

    Those ccTLDs list of all countries would be nice addition as well.

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