Coronavirus & Domains

Scenario studying is an essential element to develop and frame a strategy. Different scenarios concerning a particular problem give the stakeholders or general public an idea of what is going to come in the future based on the scenarios.

And, one such study concerning Caronavirus for US gives ” Disease modelers at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention project that as much as 65% of the American population could eventually be infected by the new coronavirus ” more reading

Above is just the worst-case scenario for the US and if we combine and look with the same scenario in different countries the number could be an explosive one. And, that is the reason why speed matters a lot in resolving and combating this massively destructive virus.

And, already so many industries are suffering. Produce industry, travel industry, entertainment industry, poultry industry, and so many other industries.

And, domain names will not be an exception. Domains are such a digital assets that are yet to go mainstream. Only moderate to cash-rich companies invest in domain names. But, even some big companies rely on a low standard domain name. Because it’s not on their priority list.

So what is the worst-case scenario for domain names?

Simply, on a retail level, domainers sell in between 1% to 2% domain names. And, taking the worst-case scenario we may not able to sell even 1% of the names of the total portfolio.

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