COVID19 Domain Sales

Many domain investors are warning other domainers to not register and profit of off COVID related domain names. It’s just not good.

But, what if a domain investor is already in possession of a domain name before the COVID Outbreak. He or She cannot be criticized. Suppose, if you have a domain,, Or already. Then what?

Anyway, In this series I am just trying to give the COVID domain sales. And, I will be using daily market report.

18th Mar 2020 Namebio daily market report has these COVID sales:$2,200BuyDomains$1,088BuyDomains$1,088BuyDomains$890GoDaddy

Distancing term has gained popularity with Social Distancing introduced to keep people away from each other to combat the Coronavirus

USPandemic – It could be used as to how US may be working to keep this pandemic out

Pandemic Alerts : Its a nice domain that can be used as a daily update tracker.

Online Cleaning COach although as three hyphens but I took it as a COVID sales. Because cleaning all of a sudden has gained tremendous importance.

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