Domain Biz is Really Big

The domain business is really big. With more and more companies going online. This business is just going to experience a rising curve. There is virtually no limit to this business. And, here are some of my points:

  1. Most of the companies want a dot com and a ccTLD domain to protect their business interest at the international and national levels.
  2. Not getting a dot com domain is a serious issue. But, for some companies (medium to small in size) are ok with .co and other TLD’s.
  3. The Nonavailability of a dot com domain name is not an end. In fact, companies buy nondot coms to support and grow their business online
  4. The world population curve is rising. And, more and more people want their name as a domain name.
  5. The world has a younger population and it means more demand for domain names. here
  6. Social handles are handy but are not the main door. Businesses will choose a domain as their main entry point for their customers.
  7. Social handles curve may continue to rise but demand for domains will also rise with them
  8. Domain names provide businesses full control on how they want to operate their business online
  9. A domain name provides a business email address. Which a social handle not provides. And, this one thing is good enough for a company to buy a domain name
  10. Short domain names will always attract more attention. And, are valuable across many TLD’s
  11. Availability of a good domain name is getting scarce every day which leads to more demand for domains
  12. Still, there are a lot of businesses who may have not realized the need to have a domain name
  13. Still, there are companies/businesses that use a public email service such as Gmail/yahoo/Microsoft, etc. They need a domain

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