Domain Name Business Makes You More Knowledgeable

Although the first commercial Domain name registered was Symbolics dot com in the year 1985 but it was the year 1995 when majority of the people saw the opportunity in dot com and that led them to invest in it. Soon, many individuals & business players started entering the gold market of Domain names.

Today, Domain Name business needs no introduction. There are many individual and companies buying, selling and monetizing their domain name portfolios. And, whoever enters this market and works passionately is sure to learn something new or more about the following:

1.Advertising: A Domainer learns about the advertisers: who they are, where they are, and how much they pay for getting links back to their websites. Domaining teaches how advertising works in real online portals. An active Domainer has a greater sense of advertising models than a person who just browses the internet.

2.Site Valuation: An expert Domainer can easily guess and estimate the value of your website based on the number of visitors your site is serving, ads running at your site, the content it has and more importantly by seeing – on what Domain name your site is built.

3.Wide Industry Knowledge: Domainers who not limit themselves to one particular niche learns more about the different industries and businesses operating worldwide. Domainers are actively looking for keyword phrases that are searched more in search engines and those keyword phrases helps them to learn more about certain industry or a business.

4.Domain Portfolio: You can easily tell whether a Domainer is more knowledge savvy or not by just looking at his portfolio. If his portfolio is wider in terms of niches, more in terms of numbers and has broad search results for the domain names he owns then surely that Domainer has more knowledge than someone with lesser stuff.

5.Online Business Consultant: An expert Domainer can tell you how to grow your business online with the help of wealth of knowledge he has in his mind. A Domainer can approach business owners not just with an offer for a domain name but also can consult them about lead generations and new businesses flourishing the online space.

6.Research: A Domainer who actively sells and buys domains is also engaged in researching the companies and individuals to whom he is selling as well as researching about entities from whom he is buying. The more he does the research the more he learns. This act caps him with the researching capabilities.

7.Trademark Law: A Domainer is correct when he says that he doesn’t have the rights to register a domain name as “” because he knows Google is a trademark owned by Google Inc. But, he also knows by way of research that it’s also not OK to register “WideVine.Biz” because this unheard trademark also belongs to Google. To avoid making costly mistake a Domainer learns more and more about Trademark Law and policies in order to protect himself.

8.Ethics: A successful Domainer values his online reputation and never does something that jeopardizes his online identity. This teaches a Domainer good moral as well as business values that ethically makes him sound which in turn increases the confidence of the people engaging in business with him or her.

9.Technical Knowledge: A Domainer learns technical stuff such as: how to register and transfer a Domain name, how to set-up web hosting and how to access tools important in managing domain names.

10.Negotiation: A domain name business gives an opportunity to a Domainer to learn the tricks and tactics involved in negotiating a sale. A Domainer possessing some good valuable domains is sure to read and learn more about effective negotiation techniques in order to close a deal without leaving the so called “money on the table”.

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