Domain Name Industry Players

If you’re thinking domaining is just the only thing domain industry people do then you’re wrong. Domain industry over the years experienced a phenomenal growth and proved profitable to many. It’s interesting to note that Domain industry is not just about Domaining but it’s more. It’s not 100-year-old and considered new industry active since 20+ years but has got wide attention during the last 15 years. It’s interesting to see that there are many players in this game beginning with the Registry and ending with the registrant or the end-user

Here is a list of businesses involved in this industry:

Domain Registry
Domain Registrar
Domain Registrant – End User
Domain Registrant – Domainer
Domain Broker
Domain Blogger
Domain Events
Domain Parking
Domain Investors
Domain Employee
Domain Resources
Domain Aftermarket
Domain Financier
Domain Attorneys
Domain Forum
Domain Consultant
Domain Developer
Domain Appraisals
Domain Hosting
Domain Escrow
Domain Coupons (Part of Registrar)
Domain Tax
And maybe much more.

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