Domain Sold! What Next

We often talk more and more about how to sell a domain name. And, also we heavily focus on buying the right kind of domain name.

But, what’s next once you sold a domain name is a question that is seldom asked. It’s a minute task. And, should be done. It’s not a big challenge. But, if you give some thought to it. You’ll be a better-organized domainer.

The first thing is to take your domain down from all marketplaces. Period. By doing this you’ll be sure of not receiving any further inquires on that name. And, also you avoid the penalty/interest that comes from someone clicking BIN on your already sold domain name. And, then, remove it from your active unsold domains spreadsheet.

You can have a separate spreadsheet/Excel for sold domain information.

After that, you can review sometime later whether the domain sold is developed or not. Often if purchased by end-user it’ll get developed.

Also, sometimes, it’s good to tell your domain buyer to change the nameservers. During push – nameservers and contact information remains unchanged. Whois should not be showing your name once sold. So, it’s better to contact the buyer.

After selling a domain name. Don’t forget to track its expiry. There are some businesses who accidentally forget to renew a domain that they have bought by paying well. By knowing expiry – you can like a good ethical domainer tell the business owner to renew it. Or you can backorder/catch it to if the previous owner is no ore interested.

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