Domaining Indirectly Teaches The Subject of Marketing

Domaining is not just about buying names, holding it and then selling. It’s much more. It’s in itself a complete business. Like in business you buy and sell and same holds true for domaining: you buy domains and sell domains. And, in this process you learn many things about marketing that you may have otherwise not learned.

1. Name Development: Domaining teaches you what are better business names and what are not. Through everyday practice of bidding on names and going through several names you start to get a good feel on names that do well.

2. Branding: Domaining is not just about searching descriptive names but it also teaches you on selecting names that maybe termed as brandable. Branding is important as it separates a business from its rest of competitors. And a business with good branding philosophy goes a long way. Domaining teaches that art too.

3. Negotiation: Selling and buying anything requires negotiation. When you’re bidding you’re in fact negotiating with the rest of the bidders. If you outbid everyone you say them the domain is worth more than what they have bid upon. And, when it comes to selling setting the price and negotiating also matters.

Above are the key marketing aspects which I think one learns when he/she starts domaining.

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