Don’t Choose a Domain Name Composed of Two Language Words.

It’s weird but recently I came across a domain name which was made of words from two languages. One word was of Arabic and the other word was from English Language. The domain name was I don’t know what rewards means in Arabic but Shukran in English means Thank You.

It’s related to brands popular in Middle East such as Splash, Emax, HomeCenter, Etc.

My simple question is if Middle East is the target, the company could have opted for an Arabic term/word instead of using Rewards as a second keyword in a domain name. As, it may sound not comprehensible for someone who is an Arab and is not familiar with the word ‘Reward/s.’

Unless the bilingual term is popular a company should not adopt it as their domain name. If the term is popular among those community then it makes sense. For example, I’m from India – and, I’ve seen sites like carwale, RadioMirchi, and to the majority of Indian population such domains/sites makes sense.

Naming a domain which makes sense only to you and not on greater and general levels should be avoided especially if it’s going to be the one of the important moves of a corporates marketing program.

I don’t know how is doing, but, I think, the domain name could’ve been more better.

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