Dot com Value Vs Number of Dot Com

Recently sold for $140000 by as reported by DnJournal. I’m wondering if it was it had surely hit the million mark. I think the opinion of some domain industry experts is correct on this. That the .net is 10% of the .com value.

According to DomainTools shows .com registration total at 118,419,194 and .net at 15,010,715. It’s little more at 12% compare to .com numbers. Is this explains the fact that in domain market .net is just valued at 10% – 15% of .com value because of the domain count? I think it’s one of the factor too. And, it applies to all other TLDs but of-course there are some outliers.

Now a days, it’s extremely difficult to find a good .com domain name available for reg fee. Still, each day many .coms are registered and it’s likely to continue despite the new extension wave of new gTLDs. .com is such an extension that as per GoDaddy is a domain extension that will never go out of style.

Another point is that still half of the world’s population is not online and it is likely that as the number of internet users grow and businesses start going online, the .com domains will increase too. And, it means, the value of unused .com domains will rise further. Recently, it has been indicated in the form of LLLL domains. As the Chinese domain investors started entering the domain markets the LLLL values increased significantly. Non vowel based LLLL domains once considered not worthy have become valuable today. Non-premium letters such as J, K, Q, V, W, X, Y and Z have became good letters too.

Investing in .com names for profit is still hot and as the number of .coms grows more the value of good .coms will surge too.

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