G Or Google As a Prefix – Google Branding

According to the book “The only book you will ever need on branding” a brand is a name that, in the mind of a consumer, is attached to a product category. For example, ‘Search’ is a category and Google is a brand which is now successfully attached to it. And, this is the reason why we often say “Google it” which means to search.

Like all others, I too use Google products like Gmail, Google drive, Google maps, etc. And, I often wonder why there is a G or Google in front of most of the Google products. The word Google now is very attached to the search category. And, whenever I see any other Google/Alphabet Inc products with Google or G as a prefix then what comes to my mind is Search.

For example, I subconsciously presume the following:

Google mail – search mail

Google drive – search drive

Google pay – search pay

Google earth – search earth

There are many examples where most of the Google products starts with Google. Here is the link of the products Google current listing here

If you observe in the above product lines, most of the names except YouTube and few others like Waze. Google uses descriptive branding. For example, Earth, Pay, Voice, Translate, Trips, Etc. Which in fact makes a consumer understand the product quite quickly. But, also, it leaves the consumer no option to associate with. For example, a consumer associates Search to Google, Photocopy to Xerox, Band-Aid to Plaster, Thermos to Vacuum Flask, Realtor to Real Estate Agent, and many more

Also, I checked, Google uses ‘Google.com’ as the main domain and integrates most of its products under it as a subdomain. For example:

Gmail  Рmail.google.com

Chrome – Chrome.Google.com

Drive – Drive.Google.com

Duo – Duo.Google.com

And so on. If you go GoogleDrive.com – you will get an error. Instead of taking you to Drive.Google.com. But, Goolemaps.com will take you to the desired location. I don’t think people are that familiar with second level domains. Which Google practicing with its many products. And, at the end may cause confusion. Is Google listening?

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