Good Domain Registrar For Investors

It’s quite a debatable topic when it comes to picking a good domain registrar for investors. Domain investors like to keep their domain names where they have the most advantage compare to other domain name registrar. There are a lot of factors that domain investors like to see a registrar fulfilling that. And, as per my understanding here are those:

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  1. Maintenance Cost: The cost of renewal should be set at a low price. Most of the domain investors choose a registrar where renewal costs are very competitive and minimal. Acquiring a domain name and hand registration costs too matter. But, renewal rates are what every investor looks for. If renewal rates are higher. And, if they want that domain to age – investors simply transfer it to another registrar offering lower renewal rates on transfers. So, keeping an investor paying you for renewals too – means the rates should be set to low or competitive at best.
  2. 2FA: Second-factor authentication is increasingly becoming a must-have feature. Domain names are like assets. And, one way to protect it from being stolen is to enable the 2FA feature at your particular registrar. If 2FA is not available – investors will likely find other domain registrars that offer such protection. 2FA can be enabled via Google authenticator or thru SMS service which may involve some carrier charges. 2FA simply means you need a device apart from a password to be able to log in. That device generally your mobile phone receives a code.
  3. Marketability: Nowadays investors are looking for a domain registrar which have a relationship with SEDO and Afternic marketplaces. SEDO and Afternic marketplaces offer a fast transfer. For example, SEDO says “Sedo’s Multi Listing Service (SedoMLS) promotes your domain sale not only through Sedo’s domain marketplace but also in domain searches across 650 sales and registrar partner websites worldwide. Our registrar partners will help push your sales by marketing the value of your domains to their customer base. Once they generate prospective buyers for your domain, they will either refer them to Sedo to make the purchase on our website or buy the domain directly and sell it to the customer on their website. Further reading. And, here is what Afternic is saying “Afternic gets your domain in front of buyers all over the world. Every domain listed with us is promoted as a Manual Transfer domain. But making your domain a Fast-transfer domain gives it an extra level of exposure. Fast-transfer domains reach 75 million+ potential buyers each month and generate the highest average sales price. Fast-transfer is available for .com, .net, .org, .de, .biz, .pw and .info domain names that have a buy now price set. The maximum price is $100000. The domain must also be registered with a supporting registrar”. More
  4. Interface: A good domain name interface at the registrar portal makes the life of an investor easier. The interface should be good enough to allow changing of nameservers, forwarding a domain, checking for renewals, easier checkout. Etc. Though it’s not a necessity having a sensible interface saves time for an investor. Which is a good thing to keep investors tied up with a particular registrar.
  5. Payment Options: Multiple payment options covering most of the major credit cards, PayPal, and cryptocurrency options allows an investors the liberty to pay using the best available option as per his situation. When payment options are limited. And, if a particular option doesn’t suit the investor – he is likely to not trade with the registrar.

So, above are some of the reasons which can be applied by an investor to pick up a domain registrar that can fulfill all of the above or most of the above features and benefits. And, this is important for domain registrars also to make their services best by providing all required feaatures.

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