Google Customized Date Range Results

Do you know that Google offers you to search using its customized date range filter? Probably, you may have had tried it earlier. Any results can be filtered according to date of its publication online. This result is really interesting to see trends over a period of time.

But, how far Google goes back?

I tested with few results and determined that you can have results from 1st Jan 1970 to date. Although Google started on 4th September 1998 and internet publicly became available on 6th August 1991. And, we know most of the publication dates on the internet should be from August 1991 for the search engines to index it.

So, It’s not clear to me, how come Google is showing filtered results from 1970 onward. And, if I go back to 1969 no results come up. I think Google should disable the date range from preceding the year 1969 in its customized date range. And, also look for pages it’s showing succeeding 1970 onwards.

I visited some pages preceding – for example, this one:
It shows the date as 

Clearly, there should be no pages up to 1990, So, is it a bug or I am missing here something?

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