Google’s Search Result Tips & Its Impact On The Websites

I’ve noticed this several times that whenever I search something in Google it displays at the top of the page some tips as an answer to your query.

For example: When I searched ‘How to disable activex control in Excel?” as I’ve one document in MS Excel that whenever I save prompts me of ActiveX on the sheet. I Googled to solve it and this is the result:

I find this feature cool and it’s a great time saver. As you don’t need to visit the website if you able to solve your problem with the tips provided. But, on the other hand, if I’m the owner of a particular website I will not be happy if Google displays tips or answers and post it on its search pages. This action means, websites lose traffic to their site and it’s not good. Moreover, I think the job of a search engine is to display the results and not engage itself in adding features that goes beyond providing search results – that is providing answers.

There is a ‘Feedback’ option also with the answers you get which details the following:

This clearly shows that Google is answering your query apart from providing the appropriate search results. A ‘two-in-one’ action which I think may lower some websites traffic.

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