Great Website But a Poor Domain Name

You’re right I said, “Great Website But a Poor Domain Name.” Internet is a big market where almost all the life and business players operate through the use of a domain name and a website. It helps individuals and businesses create an online identity and pursue their business or individual aspirations.

Every website needs a domain name and without it no website comes to life. A domain name is critical, but most of the individuals and business owners forgets that a domain name has to be good and not poor.

I’ve come across many websites whose domain names were very poor but websites catchy and looks professional. Had they got the right domain name their business which is built on a poor domain name could have generated more revenue. They think that it cost just ten dollars to register a domain name and they spent huge amount on website development.

Some of the reasons why a business or individual may posses a poor domain name are listed here:

1.Lack of aftermarket knowledge: Some individuals and business owners are not aware that there exists aftermarket sites as well as domainers who can help them get the right domain name.

2.Why borrow others name when I can name my business: Some individuals and business owners instead of looking for who owns that domain which they want badly looks for alternative variation of that name. Because they want to name their website uniquely in their own style. This is another reason why a poor domain name is often gets registered and developed out.

3.Fear: Some who are aware that they can get a domain through domainers or aftermarkets fears that they may end up paying huge amount of money. They think domainers are money-suckers and this led them to not contact any domainer who maybe listing the name at domain aftermarket sites. What the domain seekers forget that they can negotiate and get a right domain for the right value.

4.IT Manager:Most companies have their IT managers and the owners entrust the department head with all the IT decisions. The IT manager maybe good technically but some IT managers doesn’t know much about the domains and its impact on business. This poor insight makes them not a deserving candidate to choose a domain name. Instead they turn down better domain options and gets a 10 dollar domain to impress the business owner/s that they did a great job. A better solution will be to involve the marketing as well as brand managers along with IT managers for choosing a domain name or replacing the existing domains on which the company website is built.

5.Company Name: Most companies and businesses have a domain based on their company name which uniquely identifies them on the internet. But, they forget that people don’t search them using their company name but the products they offer. Many companies don’t register their product related domain names which causes them a business loss. In today’s world of internet running your business on just one domain name is not enough but no one bothers to notice it.

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