Hand Registering a Domain Name is Hard And Time-Consuming

It’s often said that you can hand register a domain name for US$ 0.99 cents by using Godaddy coupon code and it’s true. But, what is ignored in the process of hand registration is time. I found that hand registering a domain name is hard and time-consuming. It maybe a minute game for a person who is registering a domain name just to have a website address but for a Domainer it’s altogether a different game.

A Domainer before hand registering a domain name makes sure that it has a value. And, it leads him to check the following:

a. Was the name registered earlier and dropped?
b. Is domain appraisal tools suggest any value?
c. Is that domain gets any traffic and how many exact match searches it claims?
d. Is there any past sales related to that keyword?
e. Are there any similar domains available for sale at aftermarkets?
f. Is it a trending name?
g. Is that name will have any value to a company or a business?
h. Are there any domain extensions that are reserved with that name?
i. Is there an end-user who will want have that name quickly?
j. For how much it maybe sold?

Above and many other criteria are set by domainers to see if what they are registering is worth or just bad. All these searches takes lot of time and that is why it’s very time-consuming. In contrast to it, getting a domain name from aftermarket auctions is simple. All you do is to place a backorder and if the name goes to auction you’ll compete against few or several bidders depending upon the name. Sometimes it finishes soon and sometimes it gets weird. But, most often you’ll not be wasting too much time researching a domain because bids are received by only quality domains. Still, it’s a best practice to research and register domains manually or via auction.

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