Hand Registration Domain Names Takes Time to Sell

There are two ways one can become an owner of certain domain name or names:

1 – Hand register a domain name : By registering them at Godaddy and other domain registrars
2 – Buy it from aftermarket : Place a bid at Sedo, Godaddy or buy from Domainers directly

The first option cost a registrant a fixed price for the choice of his TLD and the other varies depending on the name of the domain and its associated metrics such as CPC, search volume and brandability.

If you are registering a domain for your own business or a hobby then it’s fine if you have a name that is available for hand registration – if not you may try your luck at Aftermarket such as SEDO, Afternic, Godaddy, Namejet, etc.

If you’re registering a domain to sell it quickly to somebody by thinking that you’re registering a great name that will fill your inbox with inquiries from others then put a stop to such a train of thought. Because, all good domains are already taken and what is left on the pool are the ones that are :

1.Dropped by the old registrants and never picked up again by other users or Domainers

2.Are never registered before by somebody else and you’re the first to notice the availability of such a domain preferably under dot com extension.

It’s great to see an available domain name under dot com extension but it’s not what the market is looking for. Your purchase for such domains should not be aimed at selling them quickly. For such domains you should put a plan to wait for at least 3-5 years to see if you’re lucky enough to get an inquiry to turn those domain or domains into a sale.

For example: If you register 100 Domains now of good quality for $1000 and waited till the year 2016 with those domains – you’ll be putting $3000 in investment assuming price doesn’t change. And, If by year 2016 you get an inquiry for 2-3 domains and sell them off for say $6000. Then, it means you recovered your investment plus you will be able to hold the other domains too. (This poor example is just for understanding)

I’ve in my little portfolio such domains too and all I registered through some research and I will be holding them for at least 3-5 years in order to see them sell off.

If you want to flip domains quickly then aftermarket buying is the solution. Bid on domain names that have already attracted bidding from other Domainers and try to win those and re-sell them at a profit later on and if you are successful then you need to just repeat this mantra.

New registration is not bad. New events, technological breakthroughs and other inventions always creates new terms and phrases or they borrow terms and phrases from existing dictionary words or common phrases to name their new products.

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