How I explain Domain Names to Others

I’m a member of ‘Toastmasters International’ and in one of my speech I spoke about the Domain Names. Soon after that speech, I’ve been approached by some of my club friends who wished to know more about domain names. And, I usually give them a general view about it and I’m scripting that here:

Domain names are the real estates of the Internet. They denote virtual property. You may know sites like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, etc. These are big companies and they have their Internet address in the form of Domain names. The URL or the web name address generally ending with .com is what is known as Domain name.

And, I ask them a question: Do you know how many domains these companies own apart from their very popular domain name?
Answer: We don’t know?
Then I say that they own many domain names and some are developed and some are not. Similarly, many small and big companies have their own registered domain names and they use them to market their company online, to get the type-in-traffic and to have a favorable search engine results. Briefly I explain them about type in traffic and the search results.

And, I point them towards the Google search results for a particular keyword where I show them the companies who are listed by Google under sponsored listing. I say them they are listed because they paid for that keyword to get on 1st page by signing into adwords program. Then, I explain what is keyword and how having a strong keyword domain name helps businesses in lowering their marketing and advertising costs. Also, I say that just having one domain name related to your company name is not enough because people don’t search you by your company name but by the products or services they want and need.

Further, I point them to where weekly sales listings are reported by Ron Jackson. I also tell them the highest domain name sale ever made to the lowest possible sales figures occurring each day. And, I windup telling them that Domain Investing is an addition to investing in gold, stocks, antiques or real estates.

Some, get my message and some argue. They say it’s not possible. It’s all fake. Our company receives emails from some domainers selling our own company name in another extension and etc.

I say them, if somebody emailing you to sell your own company name in another extension or requesting you to register under their ccTLDs then it’s up to the company decision makers to decide whether that proposal is suitable or not. And, I say them to stick to .com, .net, .org and the ccTLD of their own country. Apart from it, I tell them to secure domain names having keywords related to their company business or products.

Lastly, I make sure to warn them about the Trademarks so that they don’t go home and register names of that category. Since, I get little time to spend with them off the meeting. I keep my explanation short and to the point.

If you’re a domainer then how you explain Domain names or domaining to others?

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