How Much Non-Domainers Know About Domains?

Just read DomainPicks post in which ‘Mark’ was mentioning about one of his friend who asked him about the .Gov domain investment opportunities. His remarks was how less people know about domain names and I agree with him.

I too have some friends who don’t know anything more than .com, .net or a ccTLD of their own country. Most don’t know Google’s exact search or broad search and the cost per click matters. To them any website is just a means of information and it doesn’t matter what the name or the extension they carry.

I see this as a clue . If lot of internet users are unaware of existing top level domains then how come they will be getting awareness about the new generic top level domains? It’s a big question how registries who are behing 1000’s of upcoming new gTLD may able to recover their cost and be able to generate revenue.

The answer for this question lies in mass marketing and huge amount of spending on advertisement. It’s on each registry to apply the best marketing practices to ensure success of their generic top level domain.

Some questions comes to me is that if people’s awareness gets increases:

Will it really lead to more domain registrations?
Will more people begin their journey as a domainer?
Or we will be witnessing a no change no gain scenario?

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